Weekly Pool and Spa Maintenance

Awe... My Bread And Butter. This Is Where My Team Excels Past All Other Weekly Service Providers.  This Is One Of The Most Look Down Upon Aspects Of The Pool Industry, Not Only Due To The Constant (Hiccups) Upkeep Necessary To Have Your Pool Working/Functioning Properly, But Because The Importance Of Having Professional Quality Service To Have The Keen Eye For Equipment Defects And Knowledge Of Balancing Water Chemistry To Increase The Longevity Of Your Pool Equipment And Plaster/Pebble-Tech/Quartz Etc..

The Importance Of Having A Keen Eye For Spotting Faults In Pool Equipment Is Not Something That Is Learned Over Night. My Team Has Been Trained Extensively To Be Able To Spot Out Any Issues That Could Be Occuring, Along With Taking Preventative Measures To Avoid Any Major Problems From Happening In The Future.

Most Importantly, Having The Knowledge To Keep Your Pool Water Chemistry Balanced At Safe Levels Throughout The Year. This Is A Specialty In Its Own Class And Is A Never Ending Balancing Act. With The Water Chemistry Ever Changing, Whether It Be Through Organic Matter Entering The Pool, Fluctuating Temperatures, Evaporation, Usage And TDS(Total Dissolved Solids).... My Team Is Educated To Take Into Consideration Of All Variables And To Act Accordingly Each Week.

And Above All, Communication. Knowing What Is Going On With Your Pool Is Just As Important As It Is For Your Pool To Circulate Properly.  We Work Hard To Make Sure Everyone Is On The Same Page And Understands Exactly What Is Happening With The Oasis In Your Backyard.

Installations and Repairs  

All Pool Equipment Including:

-PVC Plumbing(Valves, Check Valves, Spa Bypass, Heater Bypass)

-Filters (DE Filters, Quad DE Filters, Sand Filters, Cartridge Filters)

-Heaters (Pentair, Jandy, Hayward Heaters. 250,000 - 450,000 BTUs)

-Pump/Motors (Variable Speeds, Single Speeds)

-Salt Systems

-Automation Systems

-Wireless Capability (IAquaLink, Screenlogic) To Control Pool Equipment Through Your Smartphone

-Pool Lights (LED Color, LED White, Halogen Color/White, Incandescent Color/White, Etc.)

-Acid Wash

Equipment Repairs

To Coincide With All Equipment Listed Above In The Installation Department, I Repair All Pool Equipment And Use The Best Parts For Your Pool System. Also, I Get All Parts Through A Whole Seller Which Allows Me To Have More Affordable Prices For My Clients.


Service Areas

  • Castaic
  • Newhall
  • Saugus
  • Stevenson Ranch
  • Valencia
  • Canyon Country