Erik Zindroski

It all started when I was a young "Man" at the age of 12 when I would ride with my dad on his pool route during the summer months in between school years.  It captivated me to see how he would balance the chemistry of the water and diagnose any problem with the equipment. During those weeks of being my dads "Right hand man" it became obvious to his clients that I wanted to be just like my father. It wasn't right away that I fully committed to becoming a pool man myself. After completing school and working as a aerospace mechanic inside a coolant hazed factory for some time, I decided the factory life was not for me. I moved to Newport beach where I worked under my brothers wing, who is a certified pool operator and licensed contractor. After 4 years of being a full time pool man I decided to moved back to Santa Clarita valley, where I was born and raised. After becoming a certified pool technician by the Los Angeles health department, I was motivated and ambitious to start up my own pool business with the knowledge I had acquired over the years!

My promise is to provide honest and professional service for all your pool related needs . I don't take your choice in using my services lightly... Which in turn promotes genuine integrity and due diligence on my behalf. It is important to me that you understand what is happening with your pool, and for me to help make sense of the system. Being a certified swimming pool technician, by the Los Angeles department of public health, requires me to have the knowledge of a certified pool operator and allows me to guide you with confidence.


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